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Real Example of Personal Accident Plan
Single:   $15,000 Benefit - $32.74 / month
Couple: $25,000 Shared Benefit - $51.35  / month
Family: $25,000 Shared Benefit - $74.86 / month

Bob & Susan have 3 kids and live in Southern Utah.  They are both 40 yrs old and have an HSA High Deductible Health Plan with a $6,750 deductible.  They pay $74.86 / month for a Personal Accident Plan for the whole family.  If anyone has an accident, they share the $25,000 benefit between the 5 of them in the family.  For example a son has an $11,000 knee surgery, then they would get over $9,000 from the Personal Accident Plan which would pay off their $6,750 deductible and leave them over $2,200 extra to do with as they will.  They can use the extra money for anything they want.  This also leaves them $14,000 for the rest of the family that year in case anyone else has an accident ($25,000 - $9,000 from the knee surgery = $14,000). 

Bob & Susan also decided to get a a Critical Illness benefit for each of them as a couple for an extra $56.75 / month ($25K benefit for Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer or major organ failure for the parents, and $2,500 for each child at no extra cost).  They love the fact that although they have a high deductible plan, they have the peace of mind that at least the accidents are all covered and will even have money left over for any other issues that come up.  Bob & Susan also like the fact that if either of them gets hit with "the big one" as in Heart attack, Stroke or Cancer, they will receive a check for $25,000 in the case of a covered diagnosis (like internal cancer, etc).  They can do whatever they want with the check, even if their health insurance pays almost all of the bills, the $25,000 will sure come in handy as they go through treatments, miss work and have other issues to deal with.

They pay less than $20 / month on a Bronze HSA High Deductible plan (due to a large subsidy).   But they tell me they have peace of mind for the $131.61 / month for their Personal Accident & Critical Illness benefit.

Traditional medical coverage may not be enough

Your current health plan provides benefits for certain medical costs when you suffer an accidental injury. But what about the other expenses that come up  after an accidental injury? 

A Personal Accident Plan Can Help
Personal Accident insurance steps in to help pay for unexpected out-of-pocket costs that result from your accident.  After an accident, things like lost wages and out-of-pocket costs like child care, housekeeping, and additional medical and recovery care can quickly add up. Personal Accident insurance provides cash benefits to help pay for these costs regardless of any other insurance you have.

Why should you have it?
Because accidents happen. Falls are the leading cause of accidental injuries among Americans in every age group. 90% of young athletes say they have been injured while playing a sport.

Examples of Expenses that come up when you have an accident:
Lost wages!
Medical and recovery expenses
Physical therapy
Transportation to and from appointments
Home care assistance
Child care
Daily bills
Mortgage or Rent

LifeSecure provides peace of mind by helping you and your family protect your health, cover the unexpected, and focus on healing.

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Accident Example
If you have a $2,500 deductible plus 20% up to $5,000 on your health insurance and someone tears their ACL and has surgery the total charges may be $14,000. By the time they run the charges through your insurance plan, you may get a $3,000 network discount leaving the allowed charges at $11,000. After you pay the $2,500 plus 20% up to $5,000, Basically, you would be on the hook for over $6,000.  With the Accident plan: You get a check for $9,000 even though you only owe $5,000 to your insurance company (deductible and co-insurance you owe).  This would leave extra money to pay for all the other expenses.

Limitations and Exclusions apply: Must seek initial treatment within 72 hours, must get an MRI, X-Rays, Imaging completed within 14 days, must get your surgery completed within 3 follow up visits and 45 days of the initial injury.  There are certain limitations and exclustions including maximum benefits for certain procedures.  Read your policy carefully for these restrictions and exclusions

Plan Features:
Immediate cash paid to you
Lump sum payment
Up to $25,000 in coverage (Couple and family can share up to $25,000 benefit - Individual max benefit is $15,000)
Dollar for dollar reimbursement (certain resctrictions and exclusions - for example MRI max is $750 re-imbursed)
No network restrictions
No waiting periods
No lifetime limits
Individual, spouse or family coverage
Guaranteed issued
Paid in addition to major medical
Issue Ages 0-74
Guaranteed renewable up to age 75

What does the LifeSecure Accident Indemnity Plan Cost? (Rates as of December 2018)

Single:   $15,000 Benefit - $32.74 / month
Couple: $25,000 Shared Benefit - $51.35  / month
Family: $25,000 Shared Benefit - $74.86 / month

See Accident quote sheet
See Accident Plan Brochure
See Accident Plan Flyer

Critical Illness Rider

You can add a Critical Illness rider to your Accident plan.  This benefit pays you a flat sum when you are diagnosed with Internal Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke.  Imbedded in this benefit is screening benefit. Once per calendar year, each covered person can receive $50 for one of the wellness procedures.  See Screening Brochure

See Critical Illness Brochure
See Critical Illness Flyer
See Critical Illness Screening Benefit

Critical Illness Sample Rates

25 yr old Single Male:
$15,000 Benefit - $11.80 / month
$25,000 Benefit - $14.50 / month
$50,000 Benefit - $21.25 / month

25 yr old Couple (M25 + F25):
$15,000 Benefit - $16.30 / month
$25,000 Benefit - $22.00 / month
$50,000 Benefit - $36.25 / month

50 yr old Single Male:
$15,000 Benefit - $40.75 / month
$25,000 Benefit - $62.75 / month
$50,000 Benefit - $117.75 / month

50 yr old Couple (M50 + F50):
$15,000 Benefit - $69.55 / month
$25,000 Benefit - $104.50 / month
$50,000 Benefit - $201.25 / month

See Critical Illness - 15K Benefit Rates
See Critical Illness - 25K Benefit Rates
See Critical Illness - 50K Benefit Rates

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